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    Quote Originally Posted by willslotforcash View Post
    I'm no psychiatrist, but I'll take a shot at it.

    Casinos try to make us feel special, like we're VIP, a celebrity, etc. We all know we aren't special, we're just buffoons that lose a lot of money in order to be diamond status to skip a few hundred people in the buffet line. To some, that makes them feel important.

    To get free buffets for life, he had to spend considerable time there. Much like the guys that eat every meal at Hooters, and leave a fat tip, hoping the girl takes it as bait that he's money. Sure, the girls will greet him and make him feel like they actually care about his day, but really, they just want your money.

    I'm guessing he went broke trying to preserve his perceived status. The girls at Hooters don't let you hug them incessantly once the big tips stop. Eventually, you're a nobody when you don't have money, and your touching isn't welcomed.

    Like a grown child that can't handle rejection, he threw a fit. Some people can't handle failure because they've been taught to believe that they're special. The reality is, you're not, and I'm not.

    Now replace Hooters with "M Resort."

    Remeber the kid Elliott Rodger out in California? He left pages and pages of grievances, and YouTube videos. Dude actually thought he was a somebody. And look what he did, when he found out he wasn't.
    He wasn't a VIP but he probably felt like one after winning the drawing.

    In the end he was just a lonely guy with some severe mental health issues. He inappropriately went after female employees, showered them with gifts (not sure what these were exactly), and then got pissed off/depressed when his advances weren't welcomed to the point where he was banned. In his head he kept saying to himself "what the hell? I'm just being a nice guy!" without the self-awareness that his "nice guy" behavior was really creeping the f*** out of everyone.

    Let it fester and boil for a few years and the ending is a suicide in front of the people he felt wronged him the most. Very happy he didn't go on a killing spree -- with guys like this that was a very real possibility.

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    In his larger post he made over a year ago on facebook, he gave (and apparently the females accepted) everything from boxes of wine which were mresort giveaways, to collectible disney tickets for the themeparks to trinkets and jewelry. Of course, based on how he wrote it, they never told him he was creepy until it was too late which seemed to annoy him even more.

    Edit : Adding that this was under an alias name it looked like but he mentions himself as 'John Noble' several times in the write-up. It was about 12,000 words... I copied it and put it in a word file to make it easier to read.


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