Since I'm probably one of the biggest Family Guy fans, I'm proud to be the one (I didn't see it on the iGT board..hopefully I AM first lol), to announce one of IGT's newest slots to SF....FAMILY GUY SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING SEQUEL!

For all of you non-Family Guy slotters, a few years back, since creator Seth MacFarlane is a Star Wars fanatic, Family Guy released parodies of the 3 original trilogy Star Wars movies. The parody of Empire Strikes Back (Episode V), was titled, "Something Something Something Dark Side". Hence the title of this slot machine.

The first Family Guy machine that IGT released, was probably my favorite slot I've ever played. I could play it and even if I lost on it...I had fun. Max was only $2.50, and grand total over like 6-8 sit downs at it..I turned about $700 into about $1500. They have it at Resorts World in NYC by me, which made me absolutely flip, since Borgata ripped them out pretty quickly.

At any rate! If anyone has played the community'ish Star Wars game that was out a couple years back, might still be around...anyway, it plays like that. The bonuses are very similar, just Family Guy themed. And A LOT of the cutscenes featured on the slot machine are from newer episodes of Family Guy.

Needless to say..I'm EXTREMELY excited and Borgata better get it lol

Here's the video from YouTube for all interested: