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    Thank You for the answer. I was thinking that the few and far Royals and SF and card penalties would affect the overall numbers. So pretty much I will be happy with the number I am at now and work out the smaller errors I make, usually when tired lol. So you play VP 8/5 Bonus only? I like to play the 1 2 2 3 4 13 16 25 200 250 one I am not sure if that is plain deuces wild or what. Am i better off to then seek out only 8/5 machines in vegas?
    Right now (and things do change), The Cromwell on the Strip has 6 full-pay video poker machines with all the popular games at a full-pay table. History means that this reality will probably change the moment too many "professional" VP players descend on those games.
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    yes, heaven forbid they don't squeeze every penny out thank you very much!

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